The college has spacious classrooms with green board and white screen  ,accessible power points with  laptops and OHP  for Lecturers and Student  teachers to do presentations as and when needed. The college also provides three smart classes which facilitates teaching and learning process with modern technology.



The college has laboratories like science, geography, maths, language and psychology lab. These labs are equipped with necessary materials which are needed by the student teachers.



Art and craft Resource room:

The college has art and craft resource room where the students can explore their creative talents.



ICT Resource Room:

The students can make the use of ICT Resource centre which consist of  Over Head Projectors, Slides, Videos, Projectors, DVDs etc. which will make learning interesting.

Physical Education Resource Centre:

The college has the physical resource centre which will help the students to be physically active and healthy.



Other facilities

The college has pantry, infirmary, multi-purpose hall and separate common room for boys and girls.


Recreational facility

For recreation, the college has provided indoor and outdoor games facilities. For indoor narrative story examples games,a separate room with carom boards,chess,chinese checkers and ludo are provided and for outdoor -basketball, volleyball and badminton court are  provided. For football and other games , the college has outsourced the nearby school  playground.