• A student can borrow utmost four books at a time for ten days, which are further renewable for fourteen days. Books borrowed should not be identical.
• Be present in person with your own ID card while borrowing/ returning the library books.
• Borrowed books should be returned on or before the stipulated date mentioned on date slip inside the book.
• For delay in returning a book students have to pay a fine of Rs. 3 per day per book. Fine should be deposited at the account section. After paying fine submit your copy of fine slip to the library for updating fine status.
• Check the condition of the book at the time of borrowing, if any mutilation found, report instantly to the concerned library staff. Otherwise the borrower will be responsible for the damage.
• Open Access is for your convenience. DO NOT misplace the books while selecting from the shelves. After consulting books DO NOT shuffle them but place them in PROPER PLACE.
• Remember book hiding and misplacing are punishable offence.
• Return the borrowed books first at the lending counter. Don’t go inside the reading section with borrowed books.
• If books are lost or damaged , borrower must replace the book of same edition or latest edition.