Paper Wise Evaluation Scheme:

Semester/Paper Sem.I Sem.II Sem.III Sem.IV Grand Total
EA IA Total EA IA Total EA IA Total EA IA Total EA IA Total
Theory Compulsory 210 90 300 210 90 300 175 75 250 35 15 50 630 270 900
Optional 35 15 50 35 15 50
School Internship and EPC Activities School Internship 175 75 250 175 75 250
EPC Activities 50* 50* 50* 50* 50* 50* 50* 50* 200* 200*
Total 216 90 300 210 90 300 210 90 300 210 90 300 840 360 1200


E A: External Assessment + I A: Internal Assessment = Result of EPC (out of 200)shall be awarded in terms of Grades Separately.

School Internship:
School Internship will be taken in three phases:
1. pre-Internship
2. Internship
3. post Internship
4. School Internship

1. Pre-Internship:
It will involve the following activities for a period of Two Weeks:

a. Demonstration Lesson:
The teacher Educator of the concerned method subject will present demonstration lesson for the method subject and each student teacher shall observe two demonstration lessons of their respective method subjects and submit the report.

b. Micro Teaching Practice:
Each student teacher will undergo micro teaching practice session for Five Teaching Skills in each subject under the supervision of concerned teacher Educator. This should be followed by Two Lessons on integration of Skills.

c. Macro Teaching Practice:
Each Student will undergo Macro Teaching Practice session for two lessons in each subject under the supervision of concerned Teacher Educator. The work performed during the pre-Internship shall be evaluated internally by the concerned teacher educator on the basis of reports submitted.
During pre-Internship, Student teacher will also pay visit to their allotted practicing school and interact with school teacher & Principal to acquire firsthand knowledge of School’s academic environment and submit the report.

2. Internship:
During internship each Student Teacher will be attached with a particular School for a period of twelve weeks(Three month)where he will undergo teaching practice in the actual classroom by delivering 60 lessons (30 in each method subject)under the supervision of concerned teacher educator.

3.Post Internship:
At the end of teaching practice a Student Teacher will present two criticism lessons on two method subject to finally demonstrate her/his teaching competency which will be evaluated by the concerned Teacher Educator towards his internal assessment. It will be spread over two weeks.

4.School Internship:
School Internship, besides Teaching practice, will also involve some other School related works as a part of his/her training .The same are given below:
a. Teacher’s Diary
b. Preparation of Time Table
c. Addressing School Assembly
d. Attending Staffs Meeting and Writing minutes
A Student Teacher is to perform these works during the tenure of his internship of 16 (Sixteen)Weeks and submit the report for internal assessment.

Evaluation Scheme of Internship:

School Internship: (15 weeks) External Internal Total
(A )Pre-Internship: (2 weeks)

i. Observation of two Demonstration Lessons (With Report)

ii. Micro Lesson Teaching Practice(With record)

iii. Macro Lesson Teaching Practice(With Record)

(B )Internship-Teaching Practice in Schools on Two Method Subject (60 Lessons)( 12 weeks)

i.Teaching Practice

ii.Observation of 30 lessons

iii.Viva-Voce on Lesson Plan Teaching Practice

iv.Teaching Aids- Ten (Including One Model in Each)

(C)Post Internship Two Criticism Lessons (Two Weeks) 20 20
(D)School Internship: Other Related work

i.Maintaing Teacher’s Diary

ii.Preparation of Time- Table

iii.Addressing School Assembly

iv.Attending Staff Meeting and Writing Minutes

25 25
Total Marks 175 75 250

Final Examination of Internship (External):
The final external examination of School Internship will be conducted by a four member B.Ed.-Internship Examination committee constituted by the University wherein a student teacher will demonstrate her/his teaching competency by presenting her/his teaching lesson in a school classroom and all other aspects of school internship.

Result of EPC (out of 200) shall be awarded in term of Grades Separately as follows:

Marks in % Grade point Scale Grade Grade Point
90 and above 9.0 and above O 10
80-89.99 8.0-8.9 A+ 9
70-79.99 7.0-7.9 A 8
60.69.99 6.0-6.9 A- 7
50-59.99 5.0-5.9 B+ 6
40-49.99 4.0-4.9 B 5
30-39.99 3.0-3.9 B- 4
20-29.99 2.0-2.9 C+ 3
10-19.99 1.0-1.9 C 2
0-9.99 0.0-0.9 C- 1


1. Grade Point can be obtained on dividing the percentage figure by 10 (ten) and the Grade point can be converted into percentage on multiplying it by 10(ten).
2. A candidate must get a minimum of ‘B’Grade to clear EPC separately so as to qualify for the B.Ed. degree.
3. The mark sheet issued to B.Ed. candidates shall show the result in Grade along with ‘Grade Point’ for EPC separately.